The annual Run Hard Marathon Columbia has cash prizes for the winners

The Run Hard Columbia marathon is a double loop track marathon in the capital city of South Carolina. The start and the finish lines are by the South Carolina State House, and passes by the beautiful Lake Kathrine between miles 5 and 6 and then again at mile 19. The start elevation is 324 ft., the maximum elevation of the track is 374 ft., and the gain is 544 ft. so it does have some hill running involved, especially at the 11th and 23rd miles, but it is the hills that make it one of the favorite marathon runs for regular runners.


The full marathon is held on March 4th every year. The final line is on the beautiful and scenic Main Street of the city.

The participants in the events have a chance to win a money prize of $250 for both male and female winner of the Run Hard Marathon, and $100 for second place, $50 for third. There are prizes for top male and female masters of $100 for first place, $50 for second and $25 for third.

All participants receive beautiful big medals, event t-shirts and finish line refreshments, as well as water at the water stations. In fact, some of the water stations have bananas and gels as well.

There are pace groups, friendly volunteers and a lot of cheering spectators along the marathon route and especially at the finish line.

The event also includes a Run Hard half-marathon, a Run Hard marathon relay for teams of 4, and the Run Hard Columbia 5K.

The Run Hard Columbia marathon was started by the CEO of Crossover Athletics and the Run Hard Running teams. The Run Hard running teams are part of the Run Hard club – a running course for children in elementary and middle school teaching them perseverance, making wise choices, respect and honor, leadership, teamwork and peer pressure.

Participants in the Run Hard Columbia marathon have a Double Dip option – if the finish the run, they can take part in the Run Hard Lexington half-marathon for $25. These participants get special Double Dip medals and an additional t-shirt.

So, don’t miss this great marathon which combines a good running track, beautiful scenery and the perfect weather of spring time in Colorado. Sign up for the next one, and try it out yourself!

Palmetto half marathon in Columbia – definitely not miss it

The Palmetto half marathon has become a community movement and anticipated annual tradition for Columbian residents since it was first held in 2010. Columbia is the capital of the state of South Carolina and is the hometown of the Gamecock football team as well as the renowned University of South Carolina.

The Palmetto half marathon is held on April 9th and consists of a half marathon (13.1 miles), a youth half marathon, a 5K run and walk plus a one mile kid’s fun run.


The annual event promotes the physical fitness of the people of Columbia, and is also a fundraiser for the following local non-profit organizations: the Harvest Hope Food Bank, St. Lawrence Place, the Family Shelter and the Alson Wikes Society Veterans home.

The route of the Palmetto half marathon starts with a mainly downhill track and ends up with a few steep parts. The steepest hill is at about 7 miles from the start, and then there is another steep road near the 10th mile.

The start and finish lines are in the Village at Sandhill area of Columbia. The start is at the Academy Sports and Outdoors, and the finish is at the fountain in the center of the Village of Soundhill area. The route passes through the neighborhoods: Wildwood and Woodlands.

There are water stations at every two miles, as well as bathroom facilities. Medical tents are situated at mile 4 and 9.

The course time limit is 4 hours and the even attracts more than 1,400 runners and walkers each year.

The weather for the Palmetto half marathon is mild to moderately warm, with an average temperature of 52°-78° F for the day of the race, which is April 9th.

The participants receive a medal for participation, an event t-shirt, food and drinks at the finish line, kids activities for the day of the race and discount from local restaurants and businesses in the race packet.

Wheelchairs are welcome, as well as headphones and strollers.

The 7th Palmetto half marathon honored the memory of Amanda Peak Glover who tragically collapsed and died after crossing the finish line in the half-marathon in 2015. She was a loved member of the community, and a mother of 4. Sadly, she was only 32 years old when she passed away. The 2016th half-marathon was held under the motto “APG – Live Life Load” in her memory, and many participants chose to wear the commemorative pink APG T-shirts at the event

The Charleston Marathon – don’t miss this cold but beautiful route

The Charleston Marathon has definitely become a race to be reckoned with. Its 7th edition is set for January 14th 2017 in Charleston, SC. It is traditionally held in rather cold January, but the number of participants keeps growing year after year.

The event features the full marathon of 26.2 miles, plus the half marathon (13.1 miles) and the 5K and bike races (30 and 60 miles).


Charleston is also known as “Holy City” because of the large number of churches it has, and the almost complete lack of tall buildings. The architecture of Charleston is sort of a combination between that of New Orleans and Boston, and provides its visitors with the ultimate urban experiences.

The half marathon route passes through most of the landmarks of the city, and so the participants will be able to get a sense of that charm and southern beauty of Charleston. The start line of the half marathon is in the downtown area known as “south of Broad”, and passes through the city and the North Charleston area to the finish which is set by North Charleston High School.

Overall, the terrain is mainly flat and allows for a fast race. There a few rolling hills but nothing too steep. The streets in the city are relatively narrow, so runners have to be cautious when passing through some of the narrower areas, since there are usually spectators lined on the sidewalks. Walkers can also participate in the half marathon, but are not allowed in the full marathon.

The marathon is a fundraising event to help children in the area get better access to arts. The city is known for its art appreciation, and has numerous art galleries, plus hosts an annual Spoleto art festival.

Being held in mid-January, the weather is expectedly cold. The average temperature for January 14th in the city of Charleston is 42° – 57° F. The average precipitation is just a little over 3,6 inches for that time of the year.

The record number of participants in the full marathon is 1,194 and 2,903 in the half marathon in 2014. The 5K participants in 2016 were 885 which is an all-time record for the event. Participants from 9 countries took part in the 2016 Charleston marathon, and the winner in the men’s full marathon was Anders Fransson from Sweden with 2:27:15. The female winner was Ashley Casavant from Nashville with a time of 2:52:28

The Top Troublesome Running Injuries

Have you ever run wounded? Chances are that you are suffering from one of the top running injuries. We’ve decided to lift the curtain and tell you what are the most troublesome running injuries.

No one is immune to injuries. The knowledge what to expect and how to treat it is invaluable.

So, our top three injuries are:

  1. Plantar fasciitis

The inflammation of the heel is on the top of our list. The pain is sharp and tight and ranges from simply annoying to excruciating. Another characteristic of the pain is that it is not continuous. It might go away for the day and return on the next day.

The most common direct causes are overtraining, overuse and improper footwear. The underlying issue is weakened muscles in the foot and your heel simply cannot manage the load of your training

What to do: wear custom orthodontics or choose shoes that can help with plantar fasciitis pain (stability shoes) are likely to help you with the plantar fasciitis, as they could help ease the problem. Mind you, this is not a permanent solution of the painful condition, but when you are suffering even the little counts.

  1. Achilles Tendinitis

The second most popular inflammation is the pain in the Achilles Tendon. As the lower legs are so far away from the heart, the blood flow in the area is not very fast. This situation makes the healing of the condition much slower. Very similar to the plantar fasciitis, this inflammation is on the back of the lower leg right above the heel. The sufferers often complain of swelling and the pain is often sharp and tight, rendering the runner unable to run.

The most common cause are tight calves. Hard training may be one of the main causes for the issue. Naturally taking it easy and resting more quickly improves the condition. Unfortunately, it is not enough to permanently relieve the pain. You can try some active release techniques to restore your muscles to normal functions. The exercises include calf rises, single leg squats or deadlifts. Basically everything that helps stretching the lower calves will improve your situation. Pay attention to your shoes. Finding good quality footwear also will help you improve quickly.

  1. IT band syndrome

The iliotibial (IT) band connects your knee to the hip. The condition is basically inflammation of this tendon. The sensation is sharp pain very similar to the pain of being stabbed on the side of the knee. The sensation is extremely painful especially when you run downhill. If neglected, the condition can deteriorate very quickly.

There is no definite answer to what causes this condition. There might be a lot of things that cause it. One of them is running downhill most of the time and running on the same side of the road. If you keep running the pain won’t simply go away, but actually worsen.

The solution is finding a way to loosen these muscles. Using a foam roller can speed up the process. Use the active release technique we mentioned in the previous example. Avoid downhill running and if you do, make sure to switch direction often.